Photographers Unite Against Record Low Economy…

"Matching Half-Decade Tested Marketing Systems With Outstanding Photography Has Doubled and Tripled Profits for Hundreds of Photography Businesses"

"If you're ready to make a TON of money with your business OR if you simply want to continue to grow a business that has “flat lined” during recent years, then get ready for easy to follow strategies that over six hundred people just like you have used to turn their businesses into stress free, high profit, fun “cash cows”! This can work for you even in a tough economy and with lots of low-priced competition, here is how…"

Dear photographer,

Hi, this is Dane Bergen, photography business coach and creator of the powerful Rich Photographer System. I teach photographers, videographers and gallery owners all around the world just like you how to make much more money in their businesses using strategies designed to bring clients in, give them a mind-blowing experience, and then come back and refer friends and family.

I design easy, proven ways to TRANSFORM your business –strategies that will give you more freedom, more money, and more time with your family and friends.  When your business is thriving, dependable and profitable, you will have more money and time to do the things you love with the people you love.

Imagine being booked weeks and months in advance ALL YEAR LONG, not just during the “busy season”. Imagine how your life would be different if you were earning over $2,400 per week on average and having the client flow to bring on other photographers as staff to grow your business even more...

Now of course not everyone wants to do this, but you will have the choice. Imagine having the ability to work “on” your business instead of just working “in” your business.

And, if you want more time off you can. Your income will no longer be tied to the number of hours you work. Your profit margins will allow you to bring in other skilled togs and earn 30 to 50% of every dollar they bring in, like clockwork.

You can have a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment as you build strong relationships with your clients. They stick with you year after year not because of ‘low price’ like with other photographers, but because of better service, better quality and a relationship that goes beyond what anyone expects from a business owner.

Seriously now, do the next exercise because if you don't participate then you're probably not going to follow through with the strategies either - these are designed for a photographers ready to take action now...

So here we go...

Take a deep breath and imagine the security of feeling like you have no competition. Having clients who are totally loyal to you – who come back year after year and refer family and friends at every chance they get. Even during a dip or full blown crash of the economy, your business would be safe – built on such strong foundations that you can sleep like a baby while other photographers are wondering how on earth they’ll find their next client, and if that client doesn’t come they’ll need to shut their doors.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, boudoir, pet, senior, fine art photographer, videographer or all of the above. This is the kind of business… the kind of life… you CAN have. Starting RIGHT NOW.

Take just a few uninterrupted minutes right now and I'll show you how to:

  • Escape the low price game forever
  • Get higher paying jobs
  • Score a LOT more jobs
  • Attract better clients
  • Automate your income so it’s consistent and dependable all year
  • Make much more money from your business (that’s what business is about)

But right now at this time of year and in this crappy economy all that might sound “too good to be true”, right?

And that’s because you’re in a HIGHLY competitive business. It seems like hundreds of photographers are coming onto the scene these days. Setting up shop by grabbing a DSLR, a few lenses, getting a Facebook page and dropping prices like only a crazy person would. 

Price warfare seems to be everyone’s favourite game.

When you decided to start your business…

  • Did you ever imagine you’d struggle so much to find clients – Looking at your blank calendar trying desperately to come up with some brilliant idea to bring in business so you could pay your bills?

  • Did you expect clients to be so resistant to prices – always questioning “why is it so expensive?” and having to explain over and over that photography isn’t just clicking a button?

  • Were you planning for that huge gap in the year where it seems almost impossible to find new clients – where you end up sitting around trying to think of free ways to promote yourself because you can’t afford to spend anything on advertising?

The reality for most professional photographers today is the unstable economyhuge competition even in small towns, expensive equipment requirements, plus the rising cost of living, coupled with the fact that most advertisings attempts are a total waste of money all mean that your original “dream” probably isn’t anything like how things turned out.

So how do you think you can turn all that around, even in the crappy economy, with all the factors making growing your business impossible, and turn your photography business into something you’re proud of, that makes you jump out of bed every morning at the crack of dawn?

You want to be bringing in over $2,000 every week but with all these difficulties it makes your original dream seem like an impossible achievement

Your original motivation and enthusiasm fade away and you’re left hoping that somehow things will turn around.

But Don’t give up just yet!

I’m here to help you turn things around and just the fact that you’re reading this proves you aren’t the type who gives up on success. You know there’s a “better way”.

Have you heard of Anthony Robbins?

He’s a big ‘self help’ guy, figuratively and literally… the guy’s like 7 foot tall!

Anyway, if you’ve ever read any of his books, listened to his courses or been to his huge live events you’ll have heard about his “modelling strategy”. He says that the fastest way to achieve success is to find someone who has done something you want to do, figure out how they’re doing it, and simply use their method. If you can get their method right you’ll get the same or similar results.

And that’s what this letter from me to you is!

However, it's almost impossible to know who to model, and even if you find the perfect model you'll only see a fraction of what's really going on in their business... The real magic of successful photography business happens behind the scenes and in the marketing which are both almost impossible to see.

You see, I come from a psychology background. I studied at university in Australia and took my education to a higher level by studying some of the worlds smartest men and women.

I wanted to create a life of happiness, wealth and value for others, but I was spinning my wheels trying to figure it all out on my own. Can you relate to that feeling?

But years ago, at just 26 years of age I started helping business owners including over 600 professional photographers in 15 different countries, to increase their profits by double, triple and even quadruple by using simple strategies for getting highly profitable jobs quickly and on a consistent basis… not just ‘flash in the pan’ success.

These strategies, systems and techniques grew my own business when I started using them and have guided my private coaching clients to drastically transform their businesses, cash flow, and lifestyles in ways they never thought possible.


Because I figured out the most successful methods from the most successful business people around the world and started using them in my own business and teaching them to my clients. Along the way they’ve evolved and dozens of totally new ones have been conceived through a mixture of trial and luck.

And as you know...

Starting a Photography Business is Easy

But you'll also know there's a huge problem with “price run businesses” who were dropping their prices to crazy low levels attempting to attract the bargain hunters.

There were the “Bait and Switch” photographers who advertised dirt cheap shoots and then follow up with insanely high print prices leaving the customers feeling like they’ve been backed into a corner and forced to spend big to get what they thought they were getting all along.

New Photographers were popping up every month and disappearing just as quick when they realised that their slim profits weren’t worth the time. But the fact was that they were taking business from the real photographers and giving them a bad name at the same time because of their sub-standard results and sloppy service.

The majority of photographers were barely making enough to live month to month.

Things used to be easier. These days everyone with an iPhone and a few digital filters thinks they can take a good photo. “People don’t have the cash and photography isn’t essential anyway”… That’s what your prospects think, right?

Things look pretty grim in the photography industry, and you can probably relate to this feeling too, can’t you?

It May Look Grim, But It's the Best Thing For You

Yes, it all looks bad, but there are photographers making a killing. Photographers who easily make over $600 DAILY - every single day.

Others with staff are easily turning over multiple thousands in profits daily.

What's the difference between these super successful businesses and those that were dropping like flies every month because they couldn’t make rent?

Not luck, not family money and not even better photos!

The fact is…

If there are people making money in your industry and you’re not, then there is nothing wrong with the ‘business’ there’s something wrong with what you’re doing. What you need to do, is to FIRST learn fundamental business principals and learn how to make your business work. Because once you do that, you can go into any business or industry and be successful in it.

Get Good at the Business Side of Your Skill and the Money Will Follow

Now I admit, I didn’t invent some of the principals behind these systems. No, the principals behind a great deal of what I teach have been around for a long, long time and they are timeless...

BUT, I did invent ways to make my strategies work quickly and easily for photographers.

And when I realised how much I enjoyed sharing these little known secrets I had discovered with photographers and watching them thrive in their once stagnant and tired businesses, I quickly sold my online marketing business and got into teaching photographers these systems full-time through private one-on-one consulting.

I had no idea when I started the impact they would have on the photography industry and just how many businesses I’d be able to help, but already since 2011 I’ve helped over…

600 Photographers in 15 Countries to Generate Millions Using These Exact Strategies

And I have emails and messages on file from people just like you who have used my strategies. Here’s what a few of them have to say…

Now, just picture this… 

...your phone is consistently ringing day after day with cheerful customers. And guess what?

The first words out of their mouth are NOT “how much do your charge?” 

Instead, they eagerly book with you without even asking about your price (because you've used the value building strategies).

Imagine having clients who really appreciate you and continually tell their friends, family and neighbours to use you. They even gladly get on Yelp, Facebook and Google Places to spread the word about the fantastic work you did.

Do you know what your “Bigger Future” is?

Well in this “bigger future” you don’t look at holes in your schedule and get a pit in your stomach because you don’t know how you’re gonna make enough cash flow to pay your bills. No, everyday like clockwork you get calls from prospects ready to book and you’re constantly booked solid days in advance. You don’t worry or stress out anymore. And when you do need to boost the work or fill up some gaps in your schedule, you know exactly what to do.

Can you just see yourself with plenty of money in the bank?

Imagine total control over your schedule and total control over growing your business. You spend far less time on the phone talking to prospects because the ones that call are ready to book right away. They aren’t time wasters or price shoppers. You can spend more of your time taking photos, and less doing the “in-between stuff.”

And you know what the best part is?

When stress, anxiety and fear are removed from your business, you will enjoy it again and be excited about waking up and getting to work in the morning.

I promise that if you just put into practice a fraction of what I'm about to reveal to you, you will be well on your way to a successful, profitable, and enjoyable business. (Like These Guys…)

Ever heard people say...

Photographers Aren't Necessary - I Can Do It Myeself”

Not such a big news flash is it?

That’s what makes your job even harder. Professional photography of any kind isn’t something people need like they need food, water, shelter or even a car to get to work. And these days people think they’ve got it covered because they can borrow their friends new DSLR with a couple of crappy kit lenses… or even worse, they just use the camera on their iPhone and think they’ll get decent shots of their kids wedding, or for their business card headshot, or even the photos to sell their home!

Heck, have you seen the number of people at tourist attractions whipping out their iPad – You might as well take the photo with a potato!

Who wants to drop hundreds or thousand on a professional photographer when they can whip a phone out of their pocket and tell themselves that they did a good job?

To make the selling of your services even harder is the fact that there are a lot of “fly-by-night” photographers out there who do a horrible job because they’ve hardly got any experience, they don’t love photography and they just heard it could be quick cash. Then you are left with the job of trying to overcome a skeptical market!

Not easy.

But That’s The Beauty Of These Strategies

When you use proven strategies and techniques you can easily overcome the fears, apprehensions and negativity people have towards spending money on professional photography without knowing what they’ll get.

Heck, there was recently a story of a photographer in Australia who did a bunch of wedding shoots, took the money and never delivered a single photo – he walked away with tens of thousands in cash, and worst of all those couples never got photos of their big day!

How’s that for “making photographers look bad”?

Anyone who saw that story is going to be extremely cautious when choosing a photographer next.

These strategies allow you to appeal to the wants and desires in your target market that suddenly transform “unnecessary” photography into something that is really desirable and absolutely needed to your clients.

This is because my systems are designed to ignite an interest and desire in people so they are eager to capture their memories professionally. Then your clients are actually thrilled when you deliver your fantastic service!

And that’s what makes them so special. And why I’ve gotten so many messages like these over the years...

Of course I can’t promise you the same results as anyone else, after all, for all I know you’ll get the course and do nothing with the knowledge, skills and advantages you’ve gained. But a lot of photographers who have used these strategies have made more profits as a results because the systems are easy and effective.

I’ve had clients who started with zero customers and no money, and others who have been in business for 20 years and still talk fondly of film cameras and days spent ‘in the darkroom’.

I’ve helped husband and wife teams, as well as ‘lone ranger’ owner operators working another job they hated who wanted to take their business full-time.

I’ve worked with studio owners bringing in over fifty thousand dollars monthly running a full staff of photographers and others who were flat broke wondering if they should sell their gear and try something else when they contacted me.

And everything else in between.

All these people had one thing in common…

They Were Looking for a "Bigger Future"

Do you think they had to implement every single strategy to perfection to get the results I’m talking about?

Hell no.

In fact, most of them found success after using just two or three of the strategies they knew would work best for them – and that was enough to totally transform their business.

I’ve had plenty of clients grow rock-solid businesses from nothing using just ONE strategy.

If you really want to be successful you don’t need much… Just a desire for your own “bigger future” and to actually do something about it.

And here you are… actually doing something about it right now, taking a few minutes to read this letter. So I want to congratulate you!…

So How Can You Achieve This Level of Success?

I’ve created this comprehensive course that I call The Rich Photographer System to make CERTAIN you get results.

You've probably watched my videos, ready my emails and even seen me in interviews, and featured on a few websites but the information you've learned there has a barrier...

It's not laid out in plans that you can slot directly into your business.

I don't want to give you ideas and just say “go at it!” - I'm in the business of getting real measurable results for my clients!

In the course that you'll be able to download immediately after invetsting, even if it's 2AM I give you all the strategies you’ll ever need and lay them out in a very simple format so you can see which will work best for you and give you the maximum returns.

There is no overwhelm.

No failures.

No learning curve. 

Just start by choosing a few of the strategies that you know will work best for you and take a few weeks to set them up. Then move onto setting up the next few.

Like I said earlier, 3 to 4 hours weekly for the first 2 months is all it takes. Then your business will be coasting like clockwork.

Each strategy I’ll give you is easy to plug directly into your business no-matter if you’re just getting started or if you’ve been in business for decades.

Just insert them one-by-one and you’ll watch as the profits grow by double, triple and even quadruple.

These same strategies have been used and proven by hundreds of photographers all around the world for years. Which means this system gives you…

Bankable Results

“Bankable Results” means results you can count on. Ads that are so sophisticated that you can predict exactly how much you’ll spend to bring in a new client and how much that new client will spend.

Imagine if you knew you could spend just $15 in ad costs to bring in a new client who spends $500.

How often would you use an ad like that?

My students have ads like that running in countries all around the world, and you can too.

Imagine if you could turn 90 percent of all calls or emails into new clients, instead of 10 to 30 percent like most photographers.

My students are getting results like these no matter how long they’ve been in business.

Imagine if you could get a new referral from between 35% and 50% of your clients instead of around 1 to 5% like most photographers.

Well, my students are getting numbers like that without even having a completed portfolio!

My Rich Photographer System gives you access to over one hundred strategies that give you the power to bring in a steady stream of clients year round, then get them to fall in love with your business and refer their friends and family…

Talk about building a reputation!

As I said, these strategies aren’t just theory. They started out as ideas, but have been tested and proven in hundreds of photography businesses – Many of the strategies have been in use for decades and still work today just as they did when they were created by the smartest marketers of the last century.

This system is easily the biggest resource of effective marketing and advertising available to photographers of all types on the planet today. It’s taken people from working a full time job that they hated to 6 figure incomes and higher with their own photography business in under 12 months – and that’s from using just a few of the strategies in the course.

What Does That Mean To You?

It means you could get your hands on my system right now (even if it's 2AM), plug your name and number into the ads and ideas and be filling your schedule up as early as next week.

I’ve been getting letters, emails and phone calls from people all around the world using my Rich Photographer System for years now. Just check out what people have been saying…

I get these messages weekly and am always thrilled to hear about the success photographers are having – especially since the types of photography they specialise in vary so drastically.

In fact, the only time I’ve seen my systems not work for a photographer is when they don’t do anything with the strategies.

And yes, I do see this happen quite regularly.

I know that doing new things is hard. You're always going to have doubts when it comes to something totally new - but trusting my advice and experience, then pushing through that comfort zone is when you get results.

Hasn't that been true in the past for you?

That’s why I’ve made the strategies as fool-proof as possible – simply plug them in and you’re good to go. Plus I’ve designed them so that you don’t need to use 100 to start seeing results right away. Just using one will bring in results.

I’m telling you that…

You CAN’T Mess This Up

Unless you don’t use it at all!

If you do what I say you will get more clients, you will make more money, and you will have more time for a life outside of your business!

Before you know it your business could be a “cash cow” giving you all kinds of new choices in your life.

Choices like, “What should I do with my time off?” and "Should I expand into more cities?" or even “What should I do with this extra cash?”

The Rich Photographer System really is a “game changer” that is framed around a winning blueprint to success which includes…

8 Key-Stones That Will “Trigger” High Profits In Your Business From Day One

  • Key-Stone #1: Dominating One Target Market (at a time). This ensures you deliver the right message to the right market at the right time (the 3 keys to getting a high volume of new clients). Doing this right means you can roll over several target markets within a few years and claim a huge portion of the photography business pie in your area.

  • Key-Stone #2: Using Better Marketing Instead of Better Photos To Get Clients. This really is a huge misconception photographers have. Boosting your marketing strategies is the catalyst to bringing in clients and profits because it’s the foundation of all business. No matter what you do having better marketing than your competition will put you ten steps ahead!

  • Key-Stone #3: Educate Prospects To Increase Value and Profits While Spending Less Time On The Phone: This is a recurring theme throughout the Rich Photographer System. Taking time to educate your prospects and clients means you will build an extremely strong, long term business with high profits compared to others who are trying to build a business for “quick profits now” without any hope for growth in the future.

  • Key-Stone #4: Make Yourself Unique To Set Yourself Apart: While everyone else looks the same and offers the same thing you can use these strategies in the Rich Photographer System to put yourself in another ballpark using simple phrases that turn prospects into clients faster

  • Key-Stone #5: Give The “WOW” Service. Using the right strategies this is SO easy to do these days because most businesses are doing the bare minimum. They just scrape by with a satisfactory job, collect their money and move on to the next customer. If you want a business that is impenetrable to everything including economic crisis (there’s another possible one on the horizon) then these strategies in the Rich Photographer System are compulsory.

  • Key-Stone #6: Don’t Drop The Ball “After” The Shoot: As I just said, most photographers get paid and then they’re never heard from again. No post-sale service or follow up. Using these strategies builds long-term relationships resulting in more repeat clients and referrals even when you haven’t worked with past clients for years!

  • Key-Stone #7: Nurture Those Relationships & Build Lifetime Value: You should never assume the money clients spend with you on the first sale will be their total value. When done right the lifetime value of clients can be over 10 times what they spent on that first job. Use these strategies to make sure that happens.

  • Key-Stone #8: Squeeze More Referrals From Every Client: Many photography businesses are based entirely on referrals yet when I dig deeper with my clients I usually find they have no system of getting more referrals and I’m baffled. Using these strategies have often resulted in a 20 fold increase in referrals – From one per month to four or more weekly!

And I give you these Key-Stones inside the Rich Photographer System delivered to your door, all ready to plug into your business starting as early as next week.

Of course these systems don’t set themselves up overnight. But by spending just a few hours each week getting them activated you’ll have them set up faster than you can imagine. And once they’re set up, they’re set up for good – working for you day and night increasing your clients and profits easily without extra work from you.


This System Is Designed To Do The Work For You

The Rich Photographer System was designed using strategies that I like to call “autopilot business systems”...

...They run while you’re in the studio, on a shoot or out of the office for a long-weekend getaway. There’s no need for constant monitoring or expensive sophisticated tracking software. 

You just set it up, they run and your business grows. From there it’s just about tweaking things to achieve what you see as a perfect life.

It’s not like one of those corny “push-button” systems where they tell you no work is involved and that you just sit back while your bank account starts to fill up.

These systems take time to set up, but once they’re up – they’re up for good, and that’s when growth happens.

The Rich Photographer System is broken down into 3 equally important categories.

Before the Sale:

This is everything you need to do to bring in as many clients as you’ll need at higher prices and ensure that they’re the best quality clients. Most photographers have a few of these ‘semi’ set up. But they’re always missing out on huge opportunities or doing things totally wrong.

During the Sale:

This is what you do during your sales process. It makes your client experience better and builds value. It shows you how to educate your clients and what to educate them about – Then it shows you how to get testimonials, reviews and word of mouth working for you. This is totally neglected by most photographers so it’s an area you can easily shine and build stronger relationships with clients.

After the Sale:

Your relationship doesn’t end after a job or after you’ve been paid. A long term stable business builds long term relationships that increase trust, credibility and believability over time. This is where other photographers totally fail. If you don’t have a strong automated ‘after the sale’ follow-up system in place then you’re leave an opportunity to at least double your profits by using just a couple of these strategies alone.

You’re about to get all this, plus a collection of over-the-shoulder walk-throughs that give you exact methods to bring clients in using the most up to date on and offline client-generation strategies that photographers aren’t even using yet.

Here’s just a “glimpse” of what you’ll discover in the Rich Photographer System:

  • The “plain looking” letter that sparked a client rush for photographers ready to work. Fine-tuned after hundreds of tests. Other photographers scratch their heads wondering why it works so well every time (Pages 74-78)

  • The 3 letters that can have your phone ringing off-the-hook so frequently that it gets annoying, even when you were praying for it to ring just months before (Plus – the single most important thing you can do to “fail-proof” your business in tough economic times — even while others are going bust – (see pages 32-36)

  • The super-simple “positioning secret” that when used properly creates a “hypnotic force field” in prospects minds blocking them from even thinking about other photographers and choosing you without remembering why! (page 37)

  • Yes, there is a statistically “better” way to present your portfolio in the 21st century that’s more than expected in 2014 and allows you to eliminate the high-pressure feel that scares clients off before you’ve had a chance! Details on pages 71 to 73.

  • The secret to being the only stand-out photographer in the Yellow-Pages. This simple ad-template consistently beats ads four to five times their size that cost your competition an arm and a leg (Pages 93-98)

  • The “diseased” technique that over half of photographers use that many times does work on some unsuspecting clients, but eventually drives most far, far away – And kills your chances of getting referrals! see pages 48-49

  • The six steps to quietly take advantage of your local newspaper to get more clients in the long-run – and it’s totally free! Details on pages 64 to 66

  • A step-by-step “mathematical formula” most photographers never understand that gives you the right to own the lions-share of your photography market faster than you could right now - Including at least FOUR ways you can take advantage of your competition using it! (Pages 82-84)

  • Immediately increase your profits using the only database that can save a slowly-sinking business from closure. This data-bank is also the “Master-Key” to staying fully-booked through the slow-season (Pages 38-40)

  • The risk “neutraliser” designed by smart marketers and business tycoons back in the 1920′s that was largely forgotten until now, that clears up 8 of every 10 questions in your prospects mind that are stopping them from pulling the trigger.Details on pages 59-62.

  • How a “multivariate” testing secret that when used consistently can turn a successful business into a brag-worthy profit-monster with ongoing growth no matter what the economy does. But be warned, this can quickly make friends jealous. (Page 122)

Are You Still Wondering Whether The Rich Photographer System Will Work For You?

Well, first off I have to say if you already have systems in place that fill your schedule week after week even through the slow season while you’re charging more than other photographers in your city then you probably don’t need it...

  • If you already know how to bring in new clients for as little as five to ten dollars each using a combination of online and offline marketing methods, then this isn’t going to help you much because you’ll already be swamped.

  • If you haven’t noticed any change in clients since the economic downturn we’re in the middle of, then it means you’ve got the three aspects of successful photography business covered so you won’t need the system.

  • If you’ve already got a reputation as “the best” photographer in your area and charge whatever prices you like without hesitation from clients then you’re set for at least a few more years.

But I get so many emails and calls from photographers all over the world who are struggling to bring in clients. Who think they’re doing everything right but still can’t scrape together the cash to pay their bills. Who take amazing photos but still get passed over by prospects because someone else charges less for the “same thing”.

So many photographers who are overwhelmed by the business and marketing side of their business. Which in reality “IS” the business.

So many photographers who are working like dogs spending days editing in post-processing to make the photos perfect, and when you break it down to an hourly rate they're making less than minimum wage because their prices have been slashed so much by the cut price photographers.

They’re working doing something they LOVE, but have had all the fun sucked out of it – they’ve given up their personal life and have no time to do other things they enjoy, just because they don’t have the marketing and positioning skills to earn what they deserve.

  • If you want to having your phone ringing daily with highly profitable jobs and gratefulcustomers…

  • If you want to know exactly where your next clients will come from, instead of praying they come from “somewhere”…

  • If you want to build a reputation as “the best” and get referrals easily without having to spend a cent on advertising…

  • If you want to wake up excited again - passionate about the value you’ll bring to your clients lives…

  • If you want to keep busy during the “slow season” when other photographers are eating into their savings and hoping they won’t have to start looking for a regular job…

  • If you’re sick of wondering when the “recession” will end and when people will have money to spend on a professional photographer again…

  • If you have no idea about how to effectively market yourself online, but keep hearing about how it’s extremely important…

  • If you want to run the tedious yet important parts of your business on “auto-pilot” like incoming calls, follow up letters and Christmas cards…

  • If you’re sick of wasting money on advertising that the “ad-guy” says is a ‘sure thing’ only to get zero results (and never hear from him again)…

  • If you are just about to get started and want to do things right from the get-go so you can shock friends and family with your rapid success…

  • Or if you’ve been in business since the days of film and been riding the up’s and downs of the economy, constantly keeping your head ‘above water’ but barely scraping by while watching others coast ahead like it’s easy…

Then Here’s The Deal

The strategies in the Rich Photographer System are most likely the missing-piece that you’ve been wishing existed. It allows you to pair your photography skills with marketing, branding, advertising and business strategies that so few photographers even know about that you’ll jump into a whole different league to your competition.

It doesn’t matter if you specialise in weddings, portraits, boudoir, real-estate, commercial, pet, newborn, landscape, underwater, or fine-art photography – or anything in between.

It doesn’t matter what “scenario” you throw at it, the Rich Photographer System works because…

It’s The ONLY System That Gives You The Tools You Need Every Step Of The Way

Sure, there are some other “guru’s” out there who will give you pieces of the puzzle. They’ll teach you about making a site that looks good to the search engines (don't even get me started on how risky that is!), or they’ll teach you about building your client base while spending as little as possible…

But there’s nothing that comes close to the completeness of the Rich Photographer System.

Some of these guru’s are charing prices upwards of $3,000 to come to your office and show you how to use just one of the strategies that comes included in the Rich Photographer System - and their clients still love it! Which shows you how powerful this system is when used as a whole.

Now, I’m sure the other guys and girls are nice people that offer some brilliant ideas. But I promise you, no one else offers the resources and the systems I am offering to you. Their strategies are more like “ideas”and “theories”, instead of proven step-by-step business growth systems, and most importantly they don’t have a system in place to ensure you get results.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie in the industry who works for another business or with a mentor.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a photographer since Ansel Adams was around… or somewhere in the middle. This system gives you the control and success you’ve been searching for and have heard about from other photographers around the world. And when that happens you will get genuinely excited about your business again.

And don’t you think you deserve to have that kind of success at this point in your life? Do you have a “bigger future” ahead of you?

Here Is Exactly What You Will Get With The Rich Photographer System


1- The Chock-Full 102 Strategies Manual

The Rich Photographer Manual is a ‘B.S. free’, content packed, guide with 102 (and growing) unique strategies that give you the exact systems to boost clients and profits in your photography business, and the fun and freedom you have in life!

Each of my 102 strategies is explained in this manual. It is jam-packed full of “insider-secrets” that could get you a flood of customers… customers who could have your pockets bulging with more money than most doctors, engineers or lawyers earn!

It’s a massive collection of ALL my best marketing secrets, ready-to-go, so you can begin implementing them into your business on the first day you get your hands on the Rich Photographer System.

Remember: You don’t need to use all the strategies to see results. Just pick three each month and focus on those. Over time, your business will start to run like clockwork.

Sold separately for $297 but included in the System

2 - The Facebook Ads Manifesto (video)

Did you know that using Facebook ads is one of the most cost effective ways to bring in new clients?

This video gives you an “over-the-shoulder” look at the strategies only professional consulting companies are using to pin-point people who need a photographer.

This video alone has given new photographers the ability to move into ‘high-demand’ status within months of opening up!

It was created with every photographer in mind - from those who have been online since they were born, to those who are a little less 'tech savvy'.

You'll see how to set up campaigns that land in front of the perfect people and turn them into paying clients. These ads are designed to be cheap, and will make a massive difference to your yearly income!

Sold separately for $497 but included in the full Rich Photographer System

3 - The Autopilot Status Upgrade video

This video shows you how to make one of the most tedious tasks in your business run on autopilot – it’s follow-up.

Using these strategies you’ll free up time to do other things you love, spend less time on the phone, and be behind the camera more often – making your business as fun as you dreamed it could be.

Once you've got this set up you'll turn a boring chore that once took 10 to 20 hours each month into something that happens without you needing to even click a button!

Sold separately for $247 but included in the full Rich Photographer System

4 - The Search Engine Domination video

Getting your site ranked highly in Google, Yahoo and other engines is great. But it can come at a cost, not to mention how volatile it is – your site can be dropped like a tonne of bricks in an instant without warning. This has crushed many businesses.

Using these proven business strategies that are far safer and more effective long-term so you can get your business in front of the people looking for you with ease. Using these techniques delivers a return on investment as high as 35 times. So for ever $10 you spend you can earn $350 in bookings.

With a return like that, how many times would you use it?

My ‘personalised setup service’ normally costs $1,250 (and at that price the clients I work with are absolutely thrilled because the results are so dramatic) and this video shows you exactly how to do it for yourself!

Sold separately for $397 but included in the full Rich Photographer System

5 - The Cheap Tool That Builds Credibility, Believability and Gets You Noticed!

Using this tool that you can buy in bulk for just a few bucks will instantly turn you into the highest-level expert your prospects will find, allowing you to easily command higher prices and win more bookings than any of your competitors.

Using this tool gives you an unfair advantage and the best part is that it’s all done “behind the scenes” so your competition won’t even know how you’re doing it so they can’t copy you if they wanted to!

Sold separately for $197 but included in the full Rich Photographer System

6 - The 14 Day Email Coaching Program

Once you're in the Rich Photographer System members areaa, the daily coaching will begin.

For the first 14 business days you’ll get an email each day telling you exactly what you need to do on that day to make the most of the system so you can implement the most important strategies one by one and give yourself and easy entry into success.

This is a hand-holder that guides you to success and provides extra ‘micro-tips’ that allow you to take the strategies and make them even more valuable. I want to make sure you follow through with these systems, not simply read them – but use them!

Sold separately for $197 but included in the full Rich Photographer System

7 - Rich Photographer Main Manual 'Portable'

This is the entire Rich Photographer Main Manual in audio format. It’s perfect if you just can’t find much time to read, or if you don’t enjoy reading.

This audio is perfect to listen to while you’re driving, or simply listen while you’re editing photos. This is the ultimate form of multitasking…

TIP: Listen monthly until it becomes second nature – you’ll notice rapid changes in your photography business without fully realising where you’re getting the ideas!

Sold separately for $179 but included in the full Rich Photographer System

8 - The Advertising 'Swipe' File

Scientifically tested, masterfully-crafted lines from thousands of successful ads that you can “swipe” and use immediately in your own advertising for predictably great results!

You don’t know how to write great ads or letters… and why should you? You’re a great photographer and that’s where you should be spending your time…

That’s exactly where this ‘swipe file’ comes in. Use it sparingly as an unfair advantage to dominate your competition.

Sold separately for $127 but included in the full Rich Photographer System

… Plus there are even MORE benefits that come from using this System that it would be impossible to list them all here…

That’s a total value of $2,138.00 – and at that price it represents amazing value because of the changes it allows you to make in your business and life.

But that’s not what you’re going to invest today…

“This Sounds Great But… How Much Is The Rich Photographer System Going To Cost Me?”

Truthfully, it’ll cost you nothing if you actually use it. The amount you invest today will be quickly offset by the extra profits you’ll earn within the first month…

That doesn’t even include the huge stress reduction you’ll receive from freeing yourself from bills, and the added happiness you’ll have from extra time outside your business and more appreciative customers.

You see, the Rich Photographer System is an education that quickly pays itself off… But don’t cringe at the thought of text books, late nights studying and trying to remember “the four P’s of marketing” because this isn’t filled with all that theory “B.S.”

This is a fun journey to discovering what works and how to implement it quickly and easily for instant cash surges and long term massive growth. After all, wouldn’t it be fun to plug just one strategy into your business and watch as new prospects start flowing in?

That’s what I call education and you won’t find it anywhere else.

And I know from experience with my clients that if you don’t use the systems and strategies in the Rich Photographer System…

You’ll Waste More Money On Ads That Don’t Work, Than You’d Ever Spend On My Powerful Marketing Strategies!

If you don’t do something to change what you’ve been doing, you’ll probably waste hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising that doesn’t work over the next few months.

If you make a low-ball estimate at what you are worth each hour lets say it’s around $30 (hopefully it’s closer to $100 or more). If you spend just 4 hours each week messing around trying to figure out how to get clients out of Facebook, trying to get a Google ad that actually works, or making flyers that cost an arm-and-a-leg to print but don’t seem to get results… then that’s $120 per week which is $960 over the course of just 2 months!

If you add in the amount you’ve spent on business cards and flyers that don’t work you can easily add another few thousand. Pile on top of that the opportunity cost of the days you’ve spent sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring when you could have been bring in new clients…

Plus, the cost of all the stress this uncertainty creates...

You’re already down several thousand dollars, and that’s just a portion of where your money is getting wasted.

I've worked with photographers who have dropped thousands on bad ads that don't even bring in a client!

It adds up so quickly and it’s painful to think about.

Save all that money that you would have wasted, and instead do what hundreds of other photographers have done. If you follow in those footsteps, you’ll be making lots and lots of money in no time at all… plus you’ll be having fun in your business again.

To tell you the truth it’s taken over 24 months to “dial in” the price of the Rich Photographer System.

Heck, I regularly charge $350 an hour to photographers glad to pay it because what I give them gets results.

So what’s up to 16 hours of my coaching, plus a complete kit of strategies and over-the-shoulder walkthroughs worth?

How do you put a price on an education that’s taken photographers from zero clients and no income to making in excess of $10,000 monthly after just 6 months?

How do you put a price on the tools that have given photographers the ability to break out of the deadly “price wars” and given them the freedom to not only enjoy their work again, but to have more spare time to enjoy life outside of work?

I could easily be charging $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 for this system and at that price it would easily bring you over 10 times that in added income. People pay much more than that to big businesses who send out “trained consultants” to make sure just a fraction of these strategies get implemented in the business. 

But I don’t ask that price for this system. Not even close..

And the reason I don’t ask five or ten thousand is because I want to be “reachable” for as many photographers as possible.

People say the economic environment has changed, and that photographers can't run businesses like they used to…

That “a DSLR is so affordable these days that any Tom, Dick or Harry can pick one up and start taking photos”… But you and I both know it’s far from being the same thing…

With these strategies you’ll be able to make prospects realise what they’re missing out on and what you’re really worth.

I’m telling you for a fact that the days of constant calls and clients willing to pay your prices are not over. In fact, with the Rich Photographer System you’ll have better results than what some called the “glory days”.

The fact is, you’ll be using systems and strategies that no other photographer understands.

The changes that happen in your business will be happening in the background so competitors won’t even know what you’re doing. All they’ll know is that you’re getting booked solid and their client numbers are dropping because you’re claiming a bigger piece of the pie.

Just like your passion is photography, my passion is marketing and business. I love nothing more than to show you how to grow through better systems and strategies. I’ve done it with hundreds of photographers and if I can get my system into your hands, then you will re-define the “new economy”. You will have success and money flowing into your bank accounts in spite of the recession, in spite of whatever your “local economy” is doing.

That’s why I’m asking only a fraction of what this course is worth. In the past, you would have had to invest at least $1,199.00 upfront to get started… (no, that's not an exaggeration, that is exactly what the system has been selling for until now)

But I’ve adjusted the down payment for you. That’s right…

Just $7 Gets You Immediate Access To The Rich Photographer System

“Now how does that work?”

Well, all I’m asking for today is $7 because it’s a minimal commitment – less than what you’ve probably paid for your morning coffee and bagel. It's then followed up with 3 monthly payments of $67 (these can be paid out of your added profits)… but this will do so much more for your business.

Click Here To Start Your Journey


Money Back Guarantee



Even if you’re broke and just getting started this is a very small investment for strategies proven to get you much faster and better results. And what I will give you in exchange is what I call…

Results In Advance

“What the heck is results in advance?”

Well, it’s my way of taking the risk off you and putting it onto me because if I were you, even after seeing all the testimonials, and case studies around the web I'd still be skeptical, and maybe you are too...

Results in advance means you get results in your own business and that's the best proof of all isn't it?

So by the time your first instalment of $67 is due in 30 days, you will be using the added profits you’ve made from plugging the system into your business to pay for the system itself.

You will be getting results and making money BEFORE your next instalment is even due.

How can you pass this up?

It’s like the old saying “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Show a man how to fish and he eats for a lifetime”…

Well, you’re about to invest in the fishing rod and I’ll show you how to use it, then you just repay me with some of the extra fish.

During the first 30 days you have the Rich Photographer System you will start to see things differently.

You will get excited about your business, you will see results, and your income will take a quick spike upward. Then ultimately, the course will cost you nothing and make you so much more than your initial investment.

To break it down, you invest just $7 today and you have 30 days to use the system to fill up your schedule and make more money using it.

Then you’ll begin 3 monthly instalments of $67. That means I’m giving you 150 days!!! to get the system into your hands and make money with it before you complete your total investment. 

Just a single extra job is all you’d need to cover the full investment, but you’ll have these strategies working for you forever.

You might be saying – “But I’ve been saving for a new lens or a full-frame camera”. 


Put it on hold because this program will do far, far more for your business than even the best lenses in the world could. Plus, once you actually use the strategies you’ll be able to afford new gear faster and without wasting time price hunting to save an extra ten bucks!

AND there’s more…

You have absolutely No-Risk when you become a student in my Rich Photographer System! No risk because I back it with my…


bet you haven’t seen anyone else offer a guarantee like this on any business training, right?

This is an unconditional No strings Attached, No Questions Asked, Full Money Back Guarantee

That means you’ve got a full 60 days to examine the whole system and try every single strategy out for yourself (which you can start doing as soon as you download it in just a minute).

If at any time during those 60 days you decide my system is not for you, for any reason whatsoever, you can email me and say "Hey Dane, it's just not for me" for a NO-HASSLE 100% MONEY BACK REFUND.

No questions asked and no hard feelings.

Click Here To Order the System


Money Back Guarantee



Just Picture This…

This System can help you reach a higher level of income very quickly. But that’s not all. It’ll also eliminate the stress and anxiety you have about finding clients and paying bills. Your day-to-day life will become pure joy when you’re released from the grips of a business that feels like it’s suffocating you. You’ll wake up full of energy, AND you’ll be able to have far more time off to relax and enjoy life to the fullest outside your successful business!

Hundreds have reached their “bigger future” using the tools, tips and strategies you’ll find in the Rich Photographer System. Here’s what just a couple more say…





And my guess is…

You Spent Time and Energy Reading Through This LetterBecause You Know You Have A “Bigger Future” Too

This letter probably took you a good half hour to read through. Probably longer if you were considering the changes it will make to your business and your life…

How are you going to get to your “bigger future?”

There are two very different paths you can take...

An intersection with two choices and you need to make the choice now.

You can close this page and go back to fiddling around with your website, or Facebook or whatever it was you were doing.

You’ll keep struggling with business and everything will be hit-and-miss. You’ll follow what you see other photographers doing… but heck, they don’t know what they’re doing.

So in your hit-and-miss business approach you’ll have a lot of misses (that’s just the way it works). Eventually after years of trying and gaining experience you’ll be able to run a successful business… that is if you’ve managed to stay afloat for long enough…


You can make the small investment right now and plug the strategies and systems into your photography business and watch it grow, and feel the difference in your body and mind as your life fills with joy and success.

Strategies that have been proven and tested by hundreds of photographers so you can eliminate the steep learning curb and buy into the shortcut to faster and easier success.

Do you really want to spend years and thousands of dollars figuring this stuff out on your own, or do you want to achieve your goals as soon as possible and start living the life you deserve now?

Click Here To Order the System


Money Back Guarantee



And remember, if my Rich Photographer System doesn’t exceed your expectations by showing you exactly how to at least double your photography business, even in a tough economy, simply email me and say, “Dane, it's just not for me". It’s that simple. I’ll cheerfully refund 100% of your investment in the system, and we’ll part as friends – no questions asked, no hard feelings.

And the only reason I'm able to offer something such a crazy guarantee that opens me up to shady characters is because the system works. My refund rate is around 6%, while others in the industry typically sit between 20 and 25%. And that's a testamony for the results my students achieve!

This is without a doubt the most essential “key” to unlocking the potential of your business. Period.

Hundreds of photographers have dubbed my systems as the “ultimate tool” for skyrocketing their photography income for a damn good reason…

The Rich Photographer System Gets Killer Results.

So right now you're thinking "I'm not in a position to do this right now. I can't even afford the bills I already have!"...

Believe me, I understand.

But isn’t that the best reason of all to act on this opportunity immediately?

So that in a month from now you get past it.

So that in two or three months from now you are NEVER struggling financially again.

You’ve spent thousands on your camera, lenses and all the other equipment that goes with being a pro photographer, and how much extra success has each piece of gear brought you? 

This is the best investment you’ll make in your career for getting the results you deserve from your business.

Think about this for a minute…

People all over the world are conditioned to spend tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars for a college education. Then, when they’re finished they are forced to take a job for a small fraction of what that education cost them. They’re left paying off this huge debt over many, many years…

PLUS, there’s no education system that guarantees a job at the end of it, so in times of recession (like right now) thousands of graduates are left with a huge bill and no hope of getting a job to pay it off!…

Can you imagine how many more people would study if they had a money back guarantee if it didn't work out?

The entire package costs barely a tenth of a percent of what most college educations cost yet it gives you the tools and systems to significantly boost your income – often higher than what doctors earn, while working a fraction of the hours and without all the stress that comes with being a doctor or lawyer!

AND it’s guaranteed to get you results, or you pay nothing…

The really great part is you don’t have to “work” like you do with a normal education. You just plug these systems and strategies into your business – they’re already done for you. There’s no studying or weird theories to remember… just profitable strategies that have worked for hundreds of photographers across the globe that will work for you to earn a much, much higher income.

After all, you own your own business, you’ve developed technical skills and gained hundreds of hours of experience over the years – you do great work so you should be very well-paid. The unique skills that you already have are worth a lot of money to people if you can match them with the right marketing and advertising systems, and I want to give you everything you’ll need so that you can invest in your future financial security and live a life without worrying about money.

If you’re not ready to grab this opportunity right now, then how will things change for you in the future?

Sure, you might win the lottery or get a job with some ridiculously wealthy oil baron… but don’t hold your breath.

Take charge of your future and stop hoping.

Decide, right now, to create the kind of business, income, and lifestyle that you and your family deserve. I promise to help take you there.

"Frequently Asked Questions"

Can you explain the payment plan more simply?
Can I get any tax rebates on this program?
How does the refund guarantee work?
Will I get any email support?

This really is a “no-brainer”. I’ve removed all the risk with my 100% money-back guarantee. 

Get my Rich Photographer System and plug the strategies into your business that will get your business more high-paying clients and profits… Instead of having another year where you just scrape by and go to sleep at night hoping you’ll get a call the next day. Be one of the photographers messaging me to tell me about how far you’ve come and that you wished you’d joined sooner… the choice is yours. 

Click here to order now! 


Dane Bergen, President
Revolution Marketing


P.S. This is the lowest price the Rich Photographer System has ever and will ever be. Take advantage of the 60 day guarantee and try it in your own photography business to see the results for yourself.

P.P.S. Just $7 today gives you access to the entire system - This payment structure exists to take all risk from you and allow you to start making more money from your business before completing the investment (3 monthly payments of $67)

Don’t miss out and wish you’d taken the next step towards financial freedom and fun in your business and life.

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