How 3 Simple Yet Effective Strategies Turn Struggling Photographers Into Highly-Profitable Business Owners In Under 90 Days

… Even If Right Now You Don’t See Yourself As “Business-Savvy” or Even Successful!

Dear Photographer,  

In this letter I want reveal the blindingly simple “secrets” to building a successful photography business even if you’re starting from scratch in a simple 3 step system that you can (and should) put to work right away.  

Hi, I’m Dane Bergen and I’m just like you except I suck at photography. It’s a passion of mine, but I’m just not that good. My photos don’t win awards and quite frankly they aren’t even good enough to enter competitions…  

But I haven’t put in the hours you have. I haven’t built up the skills that have become hardcoded into your DNA, so what can I expect?  

I’m a business growth consultant - it's what I abolutely excel at... and where you’ve put in hours mastering your craft, I’ve put them in mastering mine. And today I want to share with you why…

It’s Not Your Fault Your Photography Business Won’t Grow  

As I write this letter to you I don’t know where you are in the world, but I know that you have hundreds and possibly thousands of other photographers all competing with you for a limited slice of the pie.  

Let’s get real for a second here…  

You’re NOT going to build a successful photography business if you’re doing what everyone else is doing.  

For some reason photographers long ago strayed away from basic business principals, and started to believe that getting more clients and charging higher prices is about building a "better portfolio", instead of on better marketing designed to get clients in the first place

An Average Photographer With Kick-Ass Marketing Will Beat A Genius Photographer With Average Marketing Every Time  

We all know incredible, world class level photographers who can’t pay their rent…  

And we all know photographers with basic skills who command high prices and are booked solid for months in advance. Their business seems to defy nature because the photographic bible says “He with the best skill shall rule the photography kingdom”.  

HA! What a rort. 

Which brings us to what I’ve discovered after thousands of hours working with photography businesses from around the world…  

The 3 Keystones To Growing a Successful Photography Business  

Keystone #1  

“Running your photography business LIKE a real business will take you further than most photographers ever go”  

My experience shows that if you treat photography like a hobby, then it’ll never become a business.  

Think about other businesses for a minute.  

You never hear of an electrician or accountant working full time outside their industry and doing the odd job on weekends, do you?  

When they decide to go into business it’s “all in” baby.  

In the beginning they’re scrambling, trying to build up a client base. Trying to get referrals, advertising anywhere they can, and doing everything they can think of to grow the business.  

It’s not pretty, but after about a year of testing things and grinding away they have a viable business that they can grow. They reach a point where they can do more of what worked to get better results in the second year - plus they can hire staff…  

When do you hear about a photography business starting that way? 


Which brings me to...  

Keystone #2  

Use A Business Model That Works  

Following what other photographers do clearly won’t work because the majority of them can’t pay their rent…  

What you need is a real business model that puts your business in front of the right people, at the right time and builds a relationship with them so that the logical outcome is to book you. Oh, and you want to put it all on autopilot so that you’re getting enough enquiries to get booked solid.  

That sounds like it’s a bit too hard to bother with doesn’t it?  

Well don’t worry because each step is actually quite simple, and the good news is that you’ll be playing ball in a whole different league to your competition who are all running with the same old beat-to-heck plan that every other photographer has been using for the last decade.  

I’ll get onto more specific “how-to” of that in just a minute.  

But let’s get...  

Keystone #3  

...out into the open first…  

Now that you see the problems that following the same worn-out path that every other photographer follows leading to empty pockets, anxiety and stress you know that you need to go back to proven and tested marketing practices…  

So here’s a big secret.  

Price is the main factor that determines our perception of quality.  

It’s been proven scientifically hundreds of times and it applies perfectly to your photography business.  

If you’re a dirt-cheap photographer, your work will be seen as inferior to the more expensive photographers, EVEN if you’re actually far superior.  

Your clients will always be looking for problems in the final product you deliver and you will have many times more headaches after the job is complete. These clients aren't loyal and the next time they need the same job done they’ll repeat their quest to find the cheapest photographer.  

BUT, going the other way into higher priced photography (and eventually we'll position you as the highest priced photographer in your area) your work will be seen as high-quality. And when someone expects high quality they almost never hunt for flaws or problems. They’re left feeling happier and are a pleasure to deal with…  

These are the clients who rave about you to their friends and refer others at every chance they get. They never forget your name and will stay completely loyal, often coming back dozens of times.  

SO the secret to growing your photography business is to start with these 3 Keys working in your business…  

And That’s What I Will Do For You  

I’ve created a system that works for every photographer without exception.  

I’m talking about a series of over 100 strategies that you can easily plug into your business one at a time and see quick improvements in your enquiries and profits each month.  

So if you’re...  

▶ Sick of the “what am I going to do?” feeling that keeps you awake at night wondering where you next client will come from  

▶ Fed up with being in a business where you’re seen as a simple hobbyist instead of someone to be taken seriously  

▶ Tired of constantly trying to grow your business to a level that will replace the stable income of the job you hate with a boss who doesn’t appreciate you but getting the same crappy results year after year  

Then what I’m about to give you will make the next 12 months the greatest of your life so far.  

It’s an entire course that will make the growth of your photography business as easy as following simple proven strategies and tracking your progress.  

I call it the Rich Photographer System because it’s been the backbone for the consulting work I’ve done over the last half decade, and has created more 6 figure photography businesses than anything I have produced because it’s a brain dump of everything I’ve got stored away up there.  

All the tools and techniques to get setup to start bringing clients in and making profits from YOUR photography business.

And right now you’re probably wondering what you get in the Rich Photographer System, right?  

First I want you to see that what I’m about to say isn’t just hype or bragging. Watch this quick video by James White - a Sydney based photographer who's getting fast results…  

That’s pretty impressive, right?  

So, what is it in the Rich Photographer System that works so well?  

It’s 102 strategies that each add a little to your business. Just one of them can be the catalyst that turns your business around from a sluggish, sputtering, “few bucks on the weekend” type business into a rapidly growing company giving you the income and confidence to take it full time…  

So if you’re like most photographers, then…  

Right Now There Are Lightbulbs Switching On In Your Mind  

Because you’re starting to see a new future for your photography business…  

A future where you’re not worried and anxiously wondering…

  • … where the next client will come from because you can’t make your advertising work.  
  • ... if you’ll have to allow another client to beat you down on price because you don’t have the option to simply tell them “those are the price” or the rent doesn’t get paid.  
  • ... if you’ll ever be able to quit your 9 to 5 job and finally start taking your photography business seriously.  
  • ... if you should just give up on your dreams and fall into the rate-race where the majority of people wind up hating their jobs and their lives as the days slowly slip away from them until one day they look up and regret the fact that all it would have taken is a single step in a different direction all those years ago…  

And that’s where you are right now.  

No matter how old you are, you’ll never be any younger than you are right now, and now is the time you need to be working toward your dream life…  

And that dream life includes having a career that you enjoy, that you’re proud of, that brings in an income that you can happily and comfortably thrive on.  

Doesn’t it?  


Because the Rich Photographer System is the stepping stone to take you in the right direction…  

It’s not going to bring you untold wealth at the flick of a switch though. Nope, this stuff takes work. And time, too. But the results seen by hundreds of photographers already aren’t an accident. They’re proof that this really works if you do.  

So here’s a hint of what you’ll get in the Rich Photographer System:  

  • A spreadsheet that tells you where to spend your time, money effort and thought so that you raise your average income per hour. AND you can do it all before starting (p12-14)  
  • The revival of an old marketing style that’s never been used in the photography industry which is exactly why it’s working so well to bring in high-paying clients. Replace every piece of material you currently use with this new (old) type of marketing and without changing anything else you can expect to double your business. (p20-25)  
  • A simple yet effective way to create advertising that gets huge results without having to become a veteran at the craft of copywriting. Save your own time by ethically and legally stealing from what is already working (p32-37)  
  • A template for 3 simple mailbox letters that are extremely cheap to send but can drive up enquiries at a rate of 5 per 100 letters making this an unbelievable return on investment if you will just put in the work to track it (p51-60)  
  • This incredibly fast method to boost the perceived value in your services so that you’re able to charge higher prices, have fewer headaches and be allowed to enjoy business on a new level (p65-68)  
  • A system for getting featured in local and national newspapers that has been working for dozens of photographers who have put in the time to use it. This gives an instant publicity boost, AND allows you to use it in your business to position yourself as an authority for years (p83-86)  
  • The reason flyers and brochures don’t get results, and more importantly the replacement that’s a quarter the price and gets 320% more enquiries (p87-92)  
  • The way local businesses will become your ongoing referral network (and even your competitors). This takes a little work to set up but it’s a source of new clients that doesn’t end (p111-112)  
  • A special website layout that sets you apart from the typical ‘logo, portfolio slider, footer’ format that 95% of photographers are using. That layout looks nice but sucks at getting enquiries (which is the whole point of the site!). Give this to your designer and watch your enquiries spike upward (p129-138)  
  • Cutting deals with local businesses so that you support each-others growth. Set it up with 6-10 businesses within a fortnight and doors will open that seem hard to even imagine (p161-163)  
  • How to make sure you maximise your referrals, repeat business and profits by using a new approach to client care that takes no more time than normal, but impacts your income in a big way (p199-200)  
  • The hidden part of every photography business that is causing to you lose up to 10% of your bookings that can be quickly eliminated by adding a few quick and simple techniques to your post-booking procedure - this is so easy you’ll kick yourself (p218-222)  
  • The ‘closing’ technique that takes your competition out of the equation and almost forces prospects to choose you. This small tweak can triple the rate which prospects make bookings (p233-235)  
  • The template to track everything in your business. Where the money is coming from, where it’s going, and key areas to focus on going forward so that you take a scientific approach to your business and earn more every month (p251-253)  
  • How you can avoid the slow season that has most photographers terrified before it begins every year and gets huge numbers running back to a full-time low-pay job they hate. You’ll love the slow season because these strategies keep you booked, and your competition actually drops away in these months! (p254-256)  
  • The ‘conversion call’ that is often all it takes to turn an enquiry into a booking. It’s so easy and works so well that it almost feels unfair to your competitors (p262)  
  • The blueprint to ensure that you never receive bad publicity online because once it’s out there it’s almost impossible to remove (p267-269)  
  • Making the “back-end” work for you instead of sitting empty as it does in most photography businesses. It’s another area where easy profits are waiting to be taken (p282-284)  
  • How and why collecting testimonials needs to become a permanent part of your business if you're serious about creating a long lasting company. These little bite-sized videos or text snippets are worth more than anything you can write about yourself. Use these strategies to get more, and use them the smart way (p287-294)  
  • The perfect timing and script to get those ‘dream testimonials’ that convince prospects in an instant. These eliminate any hesitation in your prospect and practically make the sale for you (p295-298)  
  • Plus loads more…  

So you can see that the Rich Photographer System has the ability to plug over 100 proven strategies into your business and unlock the potential that you lies within you…  

You’ve got all this talent…  

The skill to create photos that make jaws drop and leave your clients buzzing with excitement…  

Hundreds, or thousands of hours behind the camera, and sitting at the computer, painstakingly mastering your craft…  


You’re reading this letter.  

And that means you haven’t yet mastered the skill of growing your photography business.  

Of giving the right offer, to the right people, at the right time.  

Of converting enquiries into paying clients.  

Of building up an income that stems from pairing your brilliant photography with tested and proven marketing strategies like those in the Rich Photographer System.  

And that’s what you’re about to get right now.  

The missing half of your business.  

I'm Not Saying You CAN'T Do This On Your Own...  

You absolutely CAN!  

You’ve come this far, so it’s clear that you’ve got the motivation to seek out answers. So eventually you WILL make it work on your own.  

The reason I want you to get the Rich Photographer System today is because it will drastically shortcut that learning-curb.  

But if you decide to get started today…  

You’ll Have a Clear Blueprint To Take You Where You Want To Be  

Each week you’ll go through and plug a few strategies into your business…  

Remember there are over 100 strategies, so don’t try to do it at once or you’ll get overwhelmed and paralysed by procrastination.  

In the first few months if you follow the system you’ll already notice big changes…  

▪ You’ll know where and how to advertise your business without much (if any) cost.  

▪ You’ll start to see a steady stream of new clients coming in. New enquiries each day, that turn into paid bookings without the usual headaches

▪ You’ll see clearly where your new clients are coming from, and also what’s not working - giving you the power to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. So you make more money without having to sweat the small (and boring) stuff.  

But let me be clear here…  

This only comes as a result of DOING. This isn’t a secret pill that gives you the ‘Midas Touch’ (turns your business into gold)...  

Just like anything in life, if you do nothing then nothing happens. But these strategies have been proven to work by hundreds of photographers from around the world, and they will work for your photography business too.  

In fact, I’m willing to give you a guarantee that reports call…  

"A Guarantee He Can Only Get Away With Because The Course Rocks"  

After a long time working with photographers from around the world I understand that any online offer has risk for you, right?  

Isn't it annoying how most businesses online ignore this fact? As if they've never heard of an online scam before. It's madness!  

You’re concerned that it won’t work just like I’ve said it would, and you’ll be out of pocket, and that’s a perfectly valid concern…  

So I want to take the burden of that risk and show you the confidence I have in the Rich Photographer System working in your business by giving you…

An Unconditional 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee  

"If for any reason you don’t like the course, then just email and ask for a refund. It’ll be processed right away without question. No hard feelings - no gate-keeper. Just a friendly and prompt refund."  

Does this open me up to unethical people who will refund regardless of the actual course delivered?  

Of course it does!  

But I don't care, because it also removes ALL feeling of risk that you may have when ordering…  

This means that photographers doing it tough right now, and unsure they’ll be able to afford the Rich Photographer System can order with confidence knowing their profits will increase quickly and consistently, so that their investment pays for itself fast, and everything from here on is extra profit.  

BUT, enough on that...  

Because right now you’re itching to find out what the Rich Photographer System is going to cost.  

Nothing, IF you use it.  

The number of photographers who have told me that the course paid for itself within the first week is countless. There must be dozens more who said they used a single strategy on day 1 and multiplied their investment.  

But let’s get down to dollars and cents.  

Right now I’m running a marketing test, and the Rich Photographer System is at the lowest price I’ve ever offered, and this test will end shortly.  

You will get a 7 day trial which gives you full access to the entire course for just $1 today, then if you agree that it’s going to bring massive change to your photography business, just do nothing and 3 monthly instalments of $47 will complete the investment.  

Sounds fair, doesn’t it?  

That’s a total of just $142 for lifetime access (including future updates and new strategies) to the Rich Photographer System.  

Plus you get a full 90 days to try it out in your unique business and see the changes it makes with your own eyes, then decide if it’s doing what I’ve said it would in this letter.  

So go ahead and click the button below to secure your copy of the Rich Photographer System at the lowest price it has ever been.  

See you in the members area,  

Dane Bergen  

Business Growth Consultant  

P.S. In this course you have everything you need to grow your photography business to where you know it can be. You’ve already got half the puzzle figured out by being great at your craft, now pair it with a proven and tested business plan to unlock your full potential.  

P.P.S. Yes, it’s just $1 for a full access 7 day trial, then 3 monthly instalments of $47, BUT this is a marketing test so this low price will soon be pulled without warning.  

P.P.P.S. I’m taking all the risk to give you full peace-of-mind by giving you a 90 day, no questions asked refund guarantee. Watch it work in your own business and then let me know in 90 days.